I am so glad you are here- and I would
love to work with you if you are:

Very eager to reach many more clients, but you do not have the technical skills or
time to learn to create a website


Wanting to work with a web designer you gets you and you work closely together to achieve EXACTLY what you want.


YOU want to focus on your zone of genius so you can make more money, create a bigger influence impact and transform as many of your clients as possible

I want to congratulate for being here as you are one step closer to having an online presence that completely reflects YOU and YOUR beautiful offerings.

Nothing will make me happier in my own business if we begin working together to create an amazing online presence for you so that you can be seen, make more impact and consequently more money.

These are my four packages: 

This is a great choice if you have an event, book launch or a free offer.

This package is for you if you have a few offers to all and market.

This is the ultimate package with all that you need! 

Perfect if you’ve got a course to sell and want a blog!

Why is my service unique?

You will be very clear on what steps I will take for you throughout your online journey,
as I will collaborate with you


You will not lose energy thinking about doing it all on your own and feeling overwhelmed

My packages are incredible value, as not only will I design your website or online course, I will also be your strategist / consultant and collaborate with you during your entire online journey.  You will always feel in beautiful flow as you move forward without having to worry about all the technical parts – You will feel proud of what you offer and your online presence will be admired. 

Not seeing what you are looking for? 

Shoot me an email and tell me what you desire and need to happen to move forward. 

I have got many strings to my bow, so I most likely can help you.

Click here.


The 12 reasons why you should work with me!

My approach to be seen online will take away your technical stress and save you time!

I make it fun!

I know that details and technical stuff can be challenging for a right brained fire horse like yourself. I therefore try to make it as fun as possible by taking away the pressure of it all. Being seen can be very scary right? It is time, so let’s do this!

Prep Checklist

Easy to follow checklist to get the foundation of your awesome site

Step By Step Cards

These cards immediately take the overwhelm away! You can go as fast or as slow as you like.

Visual Overview

To make it easy to grasp the flow of your sales funnel.

Support Included BEFORE, DURING and AFTER launch

I will be there every step of the way. From start to finish.

My Knowledge

I have accumulated a fair bit of knowledge during my years as a web designer. You can pick my brain with any of your questions!


You will receive templates for your magnetic message, Opt ins and automated emails.

Design Elements

Simple graphic design elements are included in my packages. No need to pay extra!

Free Photos

If needed, I will add quality royalty free photos.

Transcript Tool

Rather talk than write? Not a problem as you can record your copy and send it to me instead. 

My Loyalty

My lips are sealed. Your business ideas and offers stay with me of course. 


All my packages and offers are affordable. Payment plans available if needed.


Some nice words from clients...

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"We would like to say a big thanks to you Gigi for putting our website together. You made it very easy for us to understand with your one question a day emails and full support throughout with phone calls, emails and texts. We highly recommend Gigi for her talent and constant patience with us."
Kerri and Donna
Founders Bohemian Bulla Market
I’ve recently re-branded and I wanted to create a whole new website from scratch. I have been in business in my industry for 10 years now and have had at least 5 different websites and revamps over that time with different web-designers. This time I chose GigiGem because I knew she really knows the niche that I work in and I stalked her previous work and loved what she had created for others. She was my #1 pick and working with her was such an easy and stress free process. Gigi has a wealth of wisdom and I basically let her free to design what she intuitively and logically felt was right. I was so delighted with the outcome. I really tested her too because of all my different programs and she also gave me clarity when I got overwhelmed with decisions I was procrastinating on. I highly recommend Gigi to all my own clients. I trust and value her work so much and she is my Goto Goddess for Webdesign everytime. Thank you for making a somewhat overwhelming job flow so easy Gigi. Blissings Luanne
Luanne Mareen
Global Goddess Gatherer & Divine Business Mentor