Are you looking for web design in Melbourne? Then you’re in the right place as I’m based in Melbourne.

WeB DESIGN in melbourne

This is creative & powerful web design for female entrepreneurs.

Your new website will showcase and support the growth of your small business.

Gigi Gem designs websites

website designing for small business

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I design creative & powerful websites for female entrepreneurs.

I help them showcase, grow and empower their small business for success. It is website designing for small business at its best!

My service is of incredible value, as not only will I design your website on the WordPress platform. We also strategies your sales funnel together and collaborate during your entire web design journey. You’ll be in beautiful flow as you move forward without worrying about all the technical stuff – you’ll feel proud of what you offer! Your website will reflect you and be set up for success.

Who i am

My job is to design a beautiful website
to showcase, Support and Grow your business.

I do that by strategising, streamlining, automating and optimising your website, so it works for you.
This will save you time and give you the freedom to focus on other things in your business.

My name is Gigi, and I am your website design gem!About Gigi

I help women in the wellness and spiritual space feels freedom and ease of being seen online. I do that with simplicity, strategy, automation, analysis and a step by step approach to website design.

All this so YOU don’t need to waste time researching your next step and getting overwhelmed with the technical stuff. Instead, you can focus on making a significant impact with your offer and connecting with your community.

Please book a free chat with me to explore what type of website is suitable for your needs and what options are available to move forward. 

My customised website package start from AUD 2900 | GBP 1650 | USD 2200

Looking forward speaking to you! 

Warm regards


12 reasons to work with me!

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me

I make it fun!

I know that details and technical stuff can be challenging for a right brained fire horse like yourself. I therefore try to make it as fun as possible. Being seen can be very scary right?
It's time, so let's do this!

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me


My gift is to take a seemingly complicated project and simplify it. I break it down so it's easy for you to follow.

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me

My Knowledge

I've accumulated a fair bit of knowledge during my years as a web designer. You can pick my brain with any of your questions regarding strategy, flow, integration with other platforms and systems etc.

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me


I will be there every step of the way - from start to finish and after launch.

I won't disappear.

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me

Your Own Hub

You'll get instant access to the Website Hub. A hub where you have easy access to templates and links.

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me

Step By Step System

The design project will move along step by step with task cards which immediately take the overwhelm away!

You can go as fast or as slow as you like.

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me

Visual Overview​

This makes it easy to grasp the flow of your sales funnel.

I love a good visual!

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me


You'll receive templates for your magnetic message, sales page layout, opt ins and automated emails.

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me

Design Elements

Simple graphic design elements are included in my package. No need to pay extra!

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me


All my website design packages and offers are affordable. Payment plans available.

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me

My Loyalty

My lips are sealed. Your business ideas and offers stay with me, of course. 

Gigi Gem Why Work With Me

VIP Website Gems

VIP Website Gems group is an online teaching space that inspires on ways to draw traffic to your website.

This website design package is for you if yOU'RE

Gigi Gem Web Design ideal client
Gigi Gem Web Design ideal client
Gigi Gem Web Design ideal client

let me create a website for you

Gigi Gem Web Design WordPress

It's an all-in-one solution

What to expect when I design a website on WordPress for you?

Gigi Gem Website Design

Examples of Gigi Gem's website Portfolio

Gigi Gem Anna Willey
Gigi Gem Pip Coleman
Gigi Gem Living Ayurveda
Gigi Gem Lisa Fabry
Gigi Gem Luanne Mareen

Some nice words

Gigi Gem Testimonial Living Auyrveda

Gigi brings a lovely and refreshing sense of humour, patience and lightness to the world of online business.
I highly recommend her services.

Working with Gigi has been an absolute joy!

She has turned my overwhelm of all the tech associated with my website and new online course into a breeze.

Communication is always prompt and clear. Gigi makes the best lists, videos and visual maps to break down what needs to be done into understandable bite size pieces that I can easily do without feeling overwhelmed.

Whenever I am not sure about something Gigi promptly makes a video to step me through it! This has been so invaluable!

I now have my online course up and running and looking great with all the funnels, automated email sequences and weekly release of content all in place. It’s fabulous!

And I love my new website!

Gigi brings a lovely and refreshing sense of humour, patience and lightness to the world of online business. I highly recommend her services.

Jacqueline Iles

Founder Living Ayurveda

Gigi really goes beyond the call of duty to set everything up and ensure that all elements on your website are working together. She even created little video steps to teach me how to
use the technology with so much love and kindness.

Hi, My name is Anna Willey, I am a 5D Business and Evolution Coach and founder of Anna Wiley International. 

I needed an amazing website extraordinaire to help me set up a beautiful website and wanted someone who understood energy, magic and understood the fundamentals of Sales and Marketing. Someone who was just as passionate and devoted about their work as I am.

I was referred to Gigi by one of my clients and said she’s just like us and I am so glad I had the honour of meeting Gigi. We connected straight away and I love how I can let her know what I want and she came back with the solution or something even better. If she didn’t know she would spend time researching and coming back with solutions for me. I really love this about Gigi. I knew straight away we had to work together. 

Gigi is warm, fun, friendly, patient, adaptable, passionate, professional, and I especially LOVE her energy. I really enjoyed co-creating this website with her and she has also set up a members area for my Master Class students and Live webinars and other marketing funnels. Gigi really goes beyond the call of duty to set everything up and ensure that all elements are working together. She even created little video steps to teach me how to use the technology with so much love and kindness. 

Some of my offerings were not ready as I was still receiving downloads in the quantum and Gigi was amazing at navigating around this as they were not quite ready however had the no-how of creating the pages to announce them now ready for a launch in the future. 

Gigi created a website that reflects me and my beautiful offerings with a strong brand presence to grow my list with freebies these included activations and playbooks, helped me create sales pages that convert, promote my brand, promote my online masterclasses and programs and automate my sales process to save me many hours of work. Yah…It doesn’t get much better than that!! 

She is a genius at creating an online presence and did so with so much fun! I would highly recommend working with Gigi as she understands all aspects of business and the Online World and she even has energetic magic as she has the insight of seeing the creation in the quantum first. Yah!

Thank you so much Gigi you Are a GEM. I have really enjoyed getting to know you personally as well. I love you heaps.

Anna xo 

Anna Willey

Anna Willey International

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