gigi gem's portfolio

She is a genius at creating an online presence
and did so with so much fun!
I would highly recommend working with Gigi as she understands all aspects of business and the Online World and she even has energetic magic as she has the insight of seeing the creation in the quantum first. Yay!

Anna Willey

GIGI turned my overwhelm of all the tech associated with my website and new online course into a breeze

Jacqueline Iles

Gigi is incredible to work with and highly recommended. She is passionate about providing the best service, is a delight to deal with and her design skills are fabulous.

Jo Worthy

Gigi is not just a web designer, she is also a compassionate and intuitive business coach, who helps others to shine their gifts to the world.

Lisa Fabry

Gigi made the process of website creation seamless, easy and fun. Working with her has been
invaluable for me.

Kiara Jade

Thank you again for your work!

Ally Thomas

She was my #1 pick and working with her was such an easy and stress free process. Gigi has a wealth of wisdom and I basically let her free to design what she intuitively and logically felt was right.

Luanne Mareen

Very happy with the end result! It was creative, practical and all boxes were ticked. Very happy 🙂

Michele Scott

You made it very easy for us to understand with your one question a day emails and full support throughout with phone calls, emails and texts. We highly recommend Gigi for her talent and constant patience with us.

Kerri and Donna

It's so refreshing knowing you have been there during the whole process, and especially afterwards when so many web designers can "go missing". Thank you very much and recommend others who are searching to have a web presence to work with you.

Ashley McLean

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