5 Day Challenge - Day 5 -
A Gentle Introduction to Technical SEO

Today I’m going to take you by the hand and lead you into parts of your website you’ve probably never been to before – or if you have – you’ve taken one look at them and quickly slammed the door!

I’m doing this because I want to empower you by showing you what you need to do to get on the First Page of Google where your business will be seen. 

But sadly (but good news for the brave ones like you) the things you need to do aren’t always super easy to understand at first sight.

But that’s where I come in!

Today, I’m going to help you get started with fixing things like your images, blocked pages, SSL certificates, sitemaps, 404s and 302s, mobile-friendliness and site architecture…

Once I’ve talked you through it, you’ll see it’s not hard…maybe just a bit unfamiliar, but you’ve got me by your side, furiously translating the technobabble for you, so you start to get your website optimised, and moving up the rankings!

Here’s your Task For Today…

  1. Go back to Ubersuggest and check your SEO audit. Then, using the training I’ve taken you through today, find and fix as many of the CRITICAL issues on your website that you can.
  2. Post your questions in our FB Group.
  3. Come along to the live Q&A at 7.00 pm BST, or catch up on the replay. (ignore any reference to 5.00 pm in the video training)


As a huge thank you for taking part and to recognise your commitment to yourself and your business, I want to offer you a special discount if you decide to take the next step with me and join me on Getting Started with SEO.  

I’d love to offer you a $100 discount on the price of the course.

The code you’ll need to pop into the checkout is CHALLENGE100 if it hasn’t already applied itself!

Click on the big button and click the enrol button where you’ll find your discount!

Bonuses & Q&A Replay

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