She SEO's Day 1

5 Day Challenge - Day 1 -
What is SEO anyway?

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn what SEO means and why it’s so important in getting your business to grow.

I’ll take you through how it all works, and I’ll even take you behind the curtain of the Google Algorithm (very briefly, I promise!) to share what you need to be focusing on to get your content to rank on page one.  

Then I’ll show you how to do a free SEO audit using Ubersugest.

And finally, I’ll share my SEO Jargon Buster with you, which is yours to download, print off, and keep on your desk so when some term from what sounds like the dark web rears its ugly head – you can look it up in a minute. You’ll never have to pretend you know what that tech support guy you’ve got in is talking about again!

Here’s your Task For Today…

  1. Watch the training video I’ve recorded for you. 
  2. If you need a bit of help, watch the super quick SEO Audit instructions walkthrough I’ve recorded for you.  Scroll down this page to find this.
  3. Do your super simple SEO Audit with Ubersuggest
  4. Fill out your SEO Score tracker. Scroll down this page to find this.
  5. Post your results in our Group if you’d like to share them.

Come along to the live Q&A at 7.00 pm BST (45 mins – or however long you want to stay for., Or just catch up on the replay if and when it suits you!)  

Here’s a link to the Zoom call if you want to join me there.

I’ll be live streaming into the FB Group, too, so you can choose how to take part.

Bonuses & Q&A Replay

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