My name is Gigi and I am a Website Artist with a special eye for design.

I work with creative entrepreneurs who struggle to be seen and make money by helping them to go from invisible to visible with their gifts. 

What do I mean with Website Artist? I have found through my own experience, that it is SO much more to a website that ‘just’ having a site. There is branding, USP (unique selling point), your magnetic message, opt ins, email lists, blog templates, writing  content, driving traffic to your site etc. My strength is to ‘see ‘what needs to be done and find a solution that suits your needs. My aim is to have you site reflecting you, what you stand for and support you with everything around that.

I am a self taught web designer and been working professionally since 2016. I work with WordPress and offer different packages depending on you needs.

Thank you for visiting my site and read this!


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