About Gigi

Gigi designs websites for 40+ female entrepreneurs in the spiritual and wellness space. Helping them showcase, empower and grow their small business for success.

About GIGI

I am a born Swede living in Melbourne, on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Nature and the people I meet make it an inspiring place to design websites! 

The connection is essential to me, and helping women connect their businesses with others is truly magical.

I’ve been web designing for seven years and learnt how to use the WordPress platform and Elementor Design tool by myself. Learning by doing is something I genuinely believe is the key to success!

Do you feel overwhelmed with where to start and don’t have time to figure out the online world and technology? I’ve got you!

I love the simplicity and the power of the little step

In 2010, my life changed when my husband and I lost our business, house and cars to bankruptcy.

Even though it was a financial and emotional struggle, the experience was rewarding for us.

Living a minimalistic and simple lifestyle with our two daughters was freedom.

The realisation of what’s important and what one genuinely need is liberating.

From that space, new dreams and perspectives started to emerge.

I learned that my gift to the world is to take seemingly complex systems and turn them into something simple for others to understand and do that with a step-by-step approach.

It's all about the drive

I’m driven by curiosity, which has taken me on exciting journeys throughout my life.

One journey was to become a web designer as design and technology came easy to me. I taught myself online businesses by listening to inspirational entrepreneurs, reading books and watching YouTube videos for hours. I then took all I knew and started my web design business. At first, I supported one client for three years which gave me the foundation of my business today.

I’ve since then grown and learnt even further by working with incredible visionaries, change-makers, creatives, thinkers and seekers.

I take pride in being one step on my clients journey to create a legacy with their businesses by designing websites for them. I now know the exact steps and processes needed to create a website that showcases, empowers and grows a small business for success. I’m here to share this with you to save time and get you out of techie overwhelm!

I aim to make it simple, easy and fun, so you don’t get stuck in this process. Sounds good?
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