I help conscious creative female entrepreneurs to have an online presence that completely reflects who they are and what they offer.
Empowering them to attract their ideal clients, so they make more money and
create a more significant impact in the world.

My name is Gigi, and I am an Online Biz Designer with a passion for design, empowerment, simplicity and the importance of the ‘little step’.

I empower you to show up in your business without apology. I do that by taking the technical overwhelm away by creating a website, landing page, microsite or course that completely reflects you and what you offer.

Are you holding off to be seen for all the technical stuff you need to tackle creating your site? Or has time become an issue as you are required in other places in your business? Maybe you aren’t growing in the speed you want as you are a perfectionist and therefore procrastinate as your programs aren’t good enough?

Let me support YOU so you can focus on what you are good at.

Let me tell you why simplicity and ‘the little step’ are so vital to me.

My life forced me into seeing the importance of those when I lost my business, house and cars to bankruptcy in Sweden in 2010. It wasn’t easy with two small kids and the only thing we could do, to get back on track, was to fly back to Australia for my husband to work. We gratefully accepted my parents’ gift of paying for the flight as we had nothing to our name. Even though it has been a financial struggle, it was great for the soul searching. We found that it was such freedom living minimalistic and simple. This still is in focus in our lives.

Meanwhile, the girls went to school. I started to help my husband with the admin side of his business which was ideal at the time. But slowly, I grew a desire to create something that was my own, something that I could grow into, and that would benefit my family as well. I also felt I wanted to show my girls that anything is possible and be a good role model for them by supporting other women.

It was a little confusing in the beginning as I felt I didn’t want to go back to my old job, and I searched YouTube for inspiration. Mostly it was videos with younger women which had a different lifestyle than me and what I got out of them all was:

“Follow your passion and the rest will fall into place”.

That is, of course, true, but there was no one telling me the steps I needed to take after following my passion, the few who did made me feel overwhelmed. 

Therefore, I approach my clients on the level they are in your business. I aim to make it simple, easy and fun, so you don’t get stuck in this process.

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Are you the worlds best kept secret?


So that you can stop hiding out and start showing up tall and proud serving your clients with joy.