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How do you create cash flow on automation?

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I often hear questions about cash flow and how we can create it on command and ensure we get the outcome we want. 

It’s an excellent question as cash flow is such an important cornerstone in our businesses!

Most of us know how to sell and receive money for our event, program or coaching. But, how do we repeat it regularly and when we want to?

Well, there are three factors. Here is the first:

💰Cash Flow Necessity #1.

👉 #1 You need a Sales Funnel AKA Sales System

Being as brilliant as you are, perhaps you already know this. However, my question is: Do you know how to build a perfect one?

Before you answer that question, do you need a sales funnel?

If you have a business, you need a sales funnel.

Think of a physical store.

Most people search, check you out on social media, read reviews — all before even entering the store.

Not all customers who enter a store buy right away — some come in to “look around” whilst others are “accompanying friends and family.”

Others come in but leave. A few others arrive and ask questions (they already did some research online), and they leave making mental notes (consciously and subconsciously) on what they’d like to buy. 

When we own an online business, we aim for a similar scenario by creating a path that moves our visitors towards becoming repeated buyers.

Imagine you are walking on a path. You see some cookie crumbs in front of you on the path and you pick one up. (I know you wouldn’t pick up anything from the ground to eat but stay with me here 😉).

You choose the smallest crumb to taste, as you aren’t sure you’ll like it and have never tasted it before. You are lucky and find it so damn delicious that you instantly look for another more significant piece. 

Wow! You are excited as it’s RIGHT in front of you, easy to find and, again, yummy to eat. You like the flavour of the baker’s cakes!  You are now starting to look out for other cookies and cakes consciously as they always deliver on taste.  Soon enough, you find yourself eating a whole cake with candles and strawberries!

That is a sales funnel. Metaphorically, of course, but the idea of moving your followers along your “path”/ sales funnel to wanting your highest offers is the same thing.

The crumb in the story is your freebie, and the cake with the strawberries symbolizes your highest offer. 

Some of your new followers will love your ‘crumb’/ freebie and want to get more, and others won’t. That is okay, of course, as the sales funnel will sift your followers, and you’ll get to work with your ideal customers. 

There are many variations of sales funnels.

Some are one-step meanwhile others have multiple steps. Some have a ‘chat with me’ as the end offer; meanwhile, others have a six-month program. What the choice is for you depends on your business and how quickly you want to grow.  

With that said, let’s come back to my initial question. 

Do you know how to build a perfect sales funnel? 

The essential components of a sales funnel are: 

  1. Know your audience. The better you know them, the more successful your sales funnel will be
  2. Grab their attention. Traffic source, e.g. Facebook Ads, social media, summits
  3. Landing Page for generation of leads or sales
  4. Autoresponders to nurture and stay in touch with your new subscriber 
  5. Sales

It can be pretty easy to get lost in the sales funnel creation, so the key is to keep it simple. 🗝️

Do you need support to set yours up? Book a free chat with me here to see how I can help you.

Do you have a sales funnel already? What is good with it? Is there a challenge? 

Let me know as I would love to hear.

PS. Look out for 💰Cash Flow Necessity #2 (out of three) next Tuesday.



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