Avoid these 7 Common Money Mistakes when Starting Your Online Business!

Oh gosh, it isn’t easy to know what works and doesn’t work when starting your online business. 

Would you agree?

I started on a shoestring budget and spent MANY hours searching the internet for the best tips on starting.

Even if I found something that seemed likely to work, I sat there after implementing it, wondering what to do next!

So, on it again, hours in front of the computer watching masterclasses or reading an endless number of articles to find the next perfect step. When I found it, I again implemented it and then back to the question… what to I do now?!

There was so much to think about when creating an online business!

I needed to learn about creating irresistible offers, pricing, magnetic messages to attract the right clients, headlines, copy, mindset, platforms, and technical knowledge, etc.

The list goes on and on…

To find out, learn and do this on my own was like buying different garments without a plan and none of them, (even though they looked lovely individually), fitted together! 

It was very disjointed, and frankly, I wasted so much time and indirectly –  money, to work in this trial and error fashion. 

Maybe you’ve tried a few different things too, and now you’re sitting there wondering if it was all worth it? 

It is, of course, worth it, in terms of knowledge, but my question is: 

Do you have that kind of time and money to waste?

My guess is that you need cash coming in quickly into your business, or you will lose your mojo to keep ongoing. Am I right?

Then waste no more time and download my free eGuide “Avoid these 7 Common Money Mistakes when Starting Your Online Business!” Through this guide you will:

  • Learn what you need to STOP IMMEDIATELY to save your money! 
  • Get clarity how simplicity is the key to generating more income
  • End the stress of wondering what the correct steps are starting your online business




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