Do you know Miss C as well?

Hello there, 

I hope Christmas and New Year’s has been good to you.

2020 has, for me, been a year of letting go and with that came space.

A space that now can be filled with something new.

I feel this desire to reinvent myself or tune in more precisely what I want.

I am now 56 years of age. I am moving into the ‘Wisdom of Elder’ stage of my life.

So, how do I want this new stage in my life to look? What do I get to create?

The only thing I know is that I want it to be delicious, fun and me!

I am braver and more self-loving than I was before the kids, so the question that I am pondering about is: What are you going to do with your braveness, Gigi? 

It is lovely to feel that little tickle of excitement again, after a year where excitement for the future hasn’t been in the forefront for me personally that much. It is also lovely that my dear friend Miss C. is in contact with me again. She kind of went away for a while as she felt stuck.

I am thrilled to have her back as I know she wants to come with me on this discovery to fill this new space.

Miss C. has been my lifelong friend and, even though she has sometimes made me feel indecisive and slightly unattached, she has this lovely way of moving me forward and experiences new things. 

My father and my grandfather knew Miss C. as well. She was their friend too. I remember once, some 35 years ago, when my father put his cup of coffee down, walked over to the summer house shed and came back with a big wooden box. 

He said: 

-Look at this!

I opened the lid and stared at what was inside. 

It was full of different things:

  • architectural house drawings that my grandfather had drawn
  • recipes from my grandmother’s herbal medicines
  • an original gingerbread recipe from my father’s bakery
  • old rusty keys
  • pens
  • photos etc.

My brain tried to make sense of why he had shown me this box full of stuff. 

He said:

-This box is not to show you what is inside directly. It shows that you are like me and your grandfather. 

I remember my grandfather very well, and he was big and kind like Santa Claus but without a beard. Every time we met, he wanted to ‘pull fingers with me’, and in some mysterious way, I always won. 😀 He also knew how to build houses, among other things and had the entrepreneurial instinct to reinvent himself when times were harsh. 

My father continued:

You are like us, Gigi. That is why you are a dear friend of Miss C. as well.

At the time, I wasn’t totally sure what he wanted to tell me. Later, I knew that it was ok to be like a hummingbird flying from one flower to another instead of staying too long in one place. It was the explorer in us.

You see, my father was the most patient man I have ever met, and he always had time for me no matter what. But that trait is not what stood out the most. It was that he flavoured his life with curiosity, and he did so until he passed away, aged 86.

I am glad to have curiosity as a driving force in my life as well. She makes me feel younger.

I call her Miss C.

Miss C. is a fantastic companion and friend! 

Oh boy, she has taken me on so many unexpected journeys and connected me with so many amazing people. She is humble, open-minded, adventurous and fun. She is like a child on a Christmas morning.

There is a willingness with Miss C. that I love!

A willingness to explore no matter what the outcome is. Miss C. has a natural ability to check in with herself to see if she needs to explore something new.

Sometimes, it is hard to keep up with her as she gets restless easily and don’t stick with things for a long time. 

Miss C. needs boundaries. Paradoxically, she feels freer with them.

She feels more energised, knowing that people are clear on what to expect of her.

Writing this, I sense a playfulness popping up. 

I can feel Miss C. calling again to fill this space.

– Come and play Gigi! Look at this Gigi! It is amazing! You HAVE to try it! Where does this road take us? 

She whispers: Let go of beliefs that BUSINESS needs to be a certain way. Let go of the thought that your LIFE needs to be a certain way.

I am surprised discovering a new side of my friend Miss C. 

She is patient, and she wants to collaborate. She is not always leading. She is happy to follow as long as it comes from joy. 

Now, Miss C. and I sit here sipping on an imaginary Pina Colada by the pool waiting to see where we want to go next. 

I know that when the time is right, two of my other friends Miss F (fear) and Miss G (guilt) will want to hop on board on the journey. They are welcome as they keep us on track but they need to be quiet for the most part.

I smile at Miss C, where we sit waiting.

-Hey You, she whispers! There is no rush, but I want you to know I am ready when you are.

I close my eyes, turn my face towards the sun and start to dream. 



Ps. Is Miss C. a friend of yours as well? If so, let me know in the comments, what you get to create with her 2021?

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