What are leads? And why do you need them?

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You might have heard the questions ‘How many have you got on your email list?’ Or perhaps ‘How many do you have on your database?’ 

Then, they are talking about how many leads you have ‘on your books’.

So, what is a lead?

In a simple language, it is someone interested in something you offer and is willing to trade their name and email to receive something, e.g. a gift.


Why do you need them?

It is easier to sell to someone interested in you and your business. No one (well, very rarely) will buy from you if they don’t know you. 

The leads you have on your list are potential customers.


What to do with your leads?

You nurture them, and you give tons of value!

They are essential to you as they could become life long connections as well spread the word for you (if you treat them well), but they are also potential customers.

?TIP! Don’t miss the golden opportunity to introduce yourself to your new subscribers in the Welcome email sequence. Tell them what you can support them with and give them the next step to take.

Why is that a golden opportunity?

Well, if they are new, they are eager to open up your email with the freebie, and therefore it is a golden opportunity to upsell to the next offer of your sales funnel. Make sure you don’t bombard them with offers only and load your emails with tons of great value as well.

How do you add value to your emails?

Keep your audience warm with great offers and bonuses but also by showing them your expertise in the field you are in. A cold audience is like being a stand-up comedian with, in your opinion, great jokes and no one is laughing.

The bottom line of this email is…

Collect as many leads as you can and treat them well! 

Make sure that you attract your ideal customer with your message or your miss out on having a powerful interactive email list that loves what you do. 

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