My branding and website design process for Luanne Mareen

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Firstly, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed working with Luanne! She is a ‘fire horse’ with a lot of action and execution in her which makes it easy to get steps done. She is also open-minded and approachable which makes it fun and easy to be creative. I see Luanne very colourful, passionate and strong with a heart of gold.

Luanne, who is a global goddess gatherer and divine business mentor who lives in Melbourne Australia, approached me a few months ago.

She was back after taking some time off from here business to explore what was her next adventure. Luanne had successfully run the Goddess on Purpose yearly events (among other things) – where hundreds of women (and some intrepid men) joined in for the life-changing event.

She felt like it was time to step up to another level in her business, with a lot of inspiration and clarity.

She gets to teach, speak, mentor, coach & inspire from this space, while all the time supporting people to truly follow their Life Purpose.

That is where I came in as she needed a new website to match her new programs and offerings. So the journey began…

As with all my projects I started off with a research phase to find out more about her industry as well as her style.


Normally I start all my website design work by sending an in-depth questionnaire to my clients. I get, through that document, a good insight into who they are, what industry they are in, what they offer, their vision and dreams.

With Luanne it was slightly different. I had been around her and her business for quite some time and knew her work pretty well. So, instead of sending the questionnaire, I had an in-depth conversation with her on her vision of the future for her business and the flow of her offers.

I also researched her old site. I could easily get a view of her branding colours, fonts and style although she wanted to update those slightly. I looked at the flow of the site, if the links worked and if it was easy to know what to do as a client with the right call to action (CTA). As she is a hand analyst and business mentor there weren’t any bigger challenges with finding the main components for a successful website. The magnetic message which would attract her ideal customer was there, CTAs were there, and her email marketing supplier for the automated emails, etc.

I found that she was THE creation queen and have no problems giving her great ideas fruition which was awesome. The challenge was to present them easily so clients could find them. It felt a little confusing…

My suggestion was to simplify and divided the offers into three different categories. We named them Purpose, Presence and Profit.

The purpose is for the hand analysis (hand readings), to discover your purpose and for her different levels of hand analysis courses.

The presence is to embody your purpose in a retreat or event.

The profit is for those who want to take that purpose and build a business that is aligned with it.


Normally I would create a mood board to show my client, but as Luanne already had her branding done I took inspiration from her old site. From that, I created the first layout of the home page to show her. It worked like a mood board and it was appreciated to see it on a page.

This first layout ensured that Luanne and I were on the same page. I kept on checking in with her during the creation process to stay on track with her vision. It was an inspiring time as my vision and how I saw her reflected differently than she initially thought it would. It was a pleasant surprise to her even though she sometimes needed to ‘feel into it’ before she came back to me with a change. The collaboration and the end result was always fantastic. I love it when my clients are engaged and give great feedback.


Luanne already had her logo created in different variations as well as a few graphic design elements. We used what she already had to create a cohesive site.


Luanne sent me her brand style guide which makes it easier.

It is important to have one as you can use this in the future for reference when preparing marketing material, presentations, quotations, etc in order to keep the consistency in your brand.

Below are her branding colours as an example.


Luanne has been in business for years and here are some examples of social media posts. She has through using her Brand Style Guide created business cards and folders that are cohesive with here brand.


And finally, it was time to design her Website on WordPress with Elementor as a plugin.

By having the logo including variations, the colours, fonts and patterns beforehand it makes the website design process so much easier.

It was so nice to see her logo, colour palette, chosen images and her brand being revamped. As Luanne’s business is to serve other women, we wanted to make the website very personal and a little intimate so that the website visitors really get to feel here support.

The website needed to clearly show her different offers from hand analysis to business mentor and retreats to her ideal customer. As a leader, the website also needed to include a blog of course.

It was also important for Luanne that she would be able to update her website herself which is so easy with Elementor and one of the reasons I choose WordPress/ Elementor for all the websites I design for clients. I also shoot ‘How To’ videos for my clients to make it really easy for them.

We were both very happy with the final result! Click here to have a look at the beautiful result of

Watch my chat with Luanne Mareen below!

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.
And if you have any questions, please do contact me!



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