It is hard to find your way without direction…

You are so proud of your site and everybody says it is GORGEOUS, but you have no sales or new subscribers. Hmmmm….one of the reasons may be that you haven’t got a clear opt in so your visitors know exactly what to do next. People will stay on your site between 7-15 seconds so there is not much time to impress and lead their way.

What is an opt in?

An opt in is a call to action (CTA) what you want your visitors to do next.

Do you want them to sign up to read your blog? Like for Facebook page? Book a call with with? Buy a service or product? Make a reservation?

I suggest you think as a visitor would think. Where do I go now? What shall I do? Where is the information I am looking for!?

Do this to all your website pages. Why? They are all different and might need different calls to action. 

E.g. You might want your About Me page to say ‘Read more about me here in my Blog’ and the Service Page might have a button that says ‘Book In Here’

Make sure the links from the Opt ins are working! 

We will be talking about more opt in ideas later. In the meantime, ask me any questions you have regarding the call to action in the comments below.

See you soon!


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